Kill Rich Game (Bnb)

Kill Rich is chance game, you send Bnb and get back more than you send or less than your send Bnb in every time by chance.

When you win, other one is lose. So you kill other rich.

We have 2 different Games

Game of Fortune Hunters (1864 Users Playing)

Send bnb and earn 10x, 100x, 1.000x or 10.000x by chance.

Your Win Chance is %10

Game of Bankers (170 Users Playing)

Send Bnb and Win 2x or 0.5x by %50 chance

Last 5 Games Results of Users

Official Website:

If you cant play on phone, please open this website on Computer.

Volume 24 hours 5.48 Millions Dollar

You need to have BNB in your Metamask Wallet to play this game. Game is playing on Binance Smart Chain

Note: If transaction gives error, increase your gas limit manually on Metamask


*Metamask wallet. You can download metamask wallet from Here

*Configure your Metamask wallet to BSC network from Here

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